Huwebes, Agosto 22, 2013

Posts for the First Quarter

Check if you have a complete posts in your blogs for the first quarter.
1.    A Letter to the President of the Philippines.
Make a letter to the President expressing any or all of the following: admiration, dismay, support and others.
2.    Nutrition Month Celebration theme.
Write your insights about the theme of the years Nutrtion Month Celebration.
3.     SONA 2013
Make a reaction about the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of the President.
4.    Reflection
     Make a reflection on all the learning you gained during the First quarter following the guide questions;
a.    What are the learning/discoveries that I have gained?
b.   What are the problems/challenges that I have encountered?
c.    How did I address these challenges?
d.   Moving on, I will….

Student Blogging

Goals with student blogs include:
1. Students will communicate effectively.
2. Students will share thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and support them with details that make       understanding easy.
3. Students will become better writers, both in content and mechanics.
4. Students will become better readers, improving comprehension and the ability to read critically.5. Students will share great books and enter into dialogue about them.
6. Students will use Web 2.0 technology as a tool to publish their work to share with their peers, family, and friends.
In addition to the goals for learning, there are other benefits to students. These include:
1.   Blogging is fun.
2. Students can improve writing in an exciting and engaging manner.
3. Students can share their work with friends.
4. Students can comment on their friend's work, sharing thoughts and ideas. 
5. Students can learn about using computers and web-based tools.
 6. Students can show off their work to their parents, grandparents, and other family members.
7. Students can earn good grades for doing something they like.


Mr. McGuire "The Reading Workshop"

                     October 1, 2009